For Optimum Performance and much less injury. During training, and for added surety, pre and or post event sports massage gives you increased stamina and better recovery.

Sports Massage treats the after effects of events like the City to Surf , Marathon or ½ Marathons, triathlons, gym, warrior training, running or cycling or for the lighter exercise of yoga, walking and gardening. (contact sports, x-treme sports, mountain climbing etc)

Stamina, Strength, and Optimal Muscle Length give you best performance.

Under-performance, tiredness, pain and fresh injuries ? What can I do about it?

Here are just few contributing factors:

  • Tight muscles and over-training, Unpreparedness.
  • Old and chronic injuries, strains and sprains, scar tissue.
  • Not enough Recovery time, Lactic Acid build up, wrong technique.

All injuries from accidents, falls and sport, even those that were at school, leave scar tissue; tight bands of muscle; tight connective tissue, strained ligaments and tendons.

  • Muscle Length is affected.
  • Hip, shoulder and spinal alignment is affected.
  • Stretching is hard and limited in some areas.

Sports Massage as preparation (Pre-Event)

Lactic acid elimination and soft tissue relaxation and rehabilitation is a necessity for the top amateur and professional athletes. Peak performance is achieved when....

Peak performance is achieved when muscles and tendons have no tension, lactic acid is pumped out, and injuries are worked out. The body will compensate where there is soft tissue trauma, tightness, or scar tissue.

This compensation takes a particular course

  • transferring power to other muscles
  • twisting, hunching or raising one side of the body.

The effect could be:

  • muscular and tendon strain
  • weaker muscle on one side
  • muscular and/or tendon pain
  • new injuries and re-injury

Sports Massage as follow-Up (Post–Event)

Best after a few days, post event massage is a necessary part of rehabilitation after an event. It pumps lactic acid out, loosens muscles and works out any injuries.

Post-Event and follow-up Sports or Deep Tissue Massage

  • Is proven to be the best injury prevention known and is used by elite athletes the world over. Small muscle spasms, tense fascia (ITB), and tendon strains can contribute to joint pain, and re-injury.
  • It is always a slow process to increase training intensity for an upcoming event, yet, pushing too much with a limited stretch and treatment regime, may result in strains, muscle tightness and joint pain, strains and sprains.
  • Get back to your meets and training in the best possible condition.
Sports Massage

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We are dedicated to your health and wellbeing, being trained in a variety of therapeutic techniques and the diagnosis of soft tissue pain and dysfunction. Which massage to choose? We take the guesswork out, choosing the most effective technique for your symptoms. We are different from other therapists: Our unique approach to massage and musculo-skeletal therapy is a testament to our commitment to provide the best outcome to you. We have worked in conjunction with Physiotherapists, Chiropractors and Acupuncturists. As Professional Therapists, we are trained by leaders in the field of diagnostics and the correct application of massage techniques. All injuries are different, affecting the body in different ways, giving you a unique muscular response pattern. We see the pattern and use the most efficient method to give you the best outcome.

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