Deep Tissue Massage is a combination of therapeutic techniques working at a deeper muscular level. I have also developed an innovative approach to chronic and long term soft tissue pain and dysfunction. The effectiveness of my treatment is due to the fact that I do not follow a standard regime. I am different.

I treat what is presented to me in as a unique way because your presenting symptoms are unique. The way you responded to the circumstance, the injury, the accident, is different to the next person and my treatment plan follows your individuality.

Sometimes a client has been treated by a variety of professional therapist, they have been helped yet there is a niggling problem: with this I can help.

Deep Tissue Massage as effective treatment

For stubborn, tight and restricted areas, chronic muscle spasm, injuries deep within the muscle structure and recurring painful area that are hard to treat, my Deep Tissue Massage is an effective and successful treatment.

Muscle tears and spasms from old injuries such as whiplash, sports injuries, accidents and falls can contribute to current complaints - such as tight lower back, shoulder and neck pain, bad posture, constant back pain, recurring headaches, tight neck and shoulders, that niggling pain in between the shoulder blades. Also problems in alignment of the shoulders, spine and hips, tennis elbow, golfers elbow, achilles tendonitis, carpel tunnel. Limited stretch. These are all symptoms of chronic muscle pain and spasm

Old Trauma

One of the least recognized ways to under-perform is to ignore the effects of old trauma and structural misalignment. This causes the body to be in a constant compensatory mode.

The body protects an injury by isolating and limiting movement of the affected area. It does this by muscular spasm. Over time, most of the spasm is released, but some always remains.

These remnants will pull on the body and a compensatory pattern is set up. With hard training/physical work these spasms become entrenched.

Some effects are:

  • a raised hip,
  • one shoulder higher than the other
  • part curvature of the back
  • sciatica and muscular pain
  • knee strain
  • tracking problems
  • feeling tired during the event
Deep Tissue Massage

About Our Therapists

We are dedicated to your health and wellbeing, being trained in a variety of therapeutic techniques and the diagnosis of soft tissue pain and dysfunction. Which massage to choose? We take the guesswork out, choosing the most effective technique for your symptoms. We are different from other therapists: Our unique approach to massage and musculo-skeletal therapy is a testament to our commitment to provide the best outcome to you. We have worked in conjunction with Physiotherapists, Chiropractors and Acupuncturists. As Professional Therapists, we are trained by leaders in the field of diagnostics and the correct application of massage techniques. All injuries are different, affecting the body in different ways, giving you a unique muscular response pattern. We see the pattern and use the most efficient method to give you the best outcome.

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